Handed Down in Song: New England History & Culture

Not too long ago, the only way to experience music was  by being physically present at a live performance. While modern audiences typically consider folk ballads a form of musical entertainment, in the days before audio recordings they often contained significant messages and were layered with cultural meaning.

Helen Hartness Flanders, daughter of a Vermont senator, was a remarkable woman who spent years of her life chronicling folk songs with help from her rural neighbors so that their unique New England culture could be preserved for future generations.

Walt Woodward takes a fresh new look at this collection, tracing the histories of these folk songs back in time with insight on their meaning and significance  to earlier generations of New England. Drawing upon his extensive experience as a professional songwriter, performer, and music producer, Walt brings these venerable tunes back to life in what is sure to be an immersive experience for all in attendance. In the continuing tradition of New England folk music gatherings, audience participation is strongly encouraged!


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