As Executive Director of the Historical Society of Glastonbury one of my jobs is to pick four public programs a year. I had never heard of the Band of Steady Habits before, but several of my friends had, and highly recommended them. What a great choice! The program they presented was “Frost Season,” a unique event highlighting the works of American poet Robert Frost paired with songs that reflect and amplify the power of New England’s most beloved poet. Walter Woodward  and his musical partners presented a unique tribute to Frost–  a lecture, love story, poetry reading, and song-pairing, all in one. We had close to 100 people show up and they were delighted. I received more compliments on this show than anyone we have had in the past 20 years. The history intertwined with the poetry and music was fun, enlightening and touching. I would highly recommend them and I’m looking forward to having them present their other programs at one of our next events.

Jim Bennett, Historical Society of Glastonbury